traffic delineator post

Two models are available for parking guidance and wall protection for parking lots, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. With hardware included, the easy installation makes a great temporary or permanent solution to your parking needs. A variety of colors provide a simple way to designate special parking spaces.

traffic delineator post-yellow
traffic delineator post installed
traffic delineator post real
traffic delineator post art

High-impact thermoplastic


Height: 1 3/4 ft - 2 1/2 ft - 3 ft.




White / Yellow / Orange / Red / Black /Blue / Green

Uses and Applications

Delineator Post RP-3251 is ideal for organizing traffic flow and providing improved roadsafety. Delineator posts can be used to delineate lanes for automobiles and provide better route guidance for accident reduction.

The TP-3251 improves pedestrian and driver safety by delineating proper traffic routes to reduce confusion and accidents.

TP-3251 distinctive characteristics provide:

  • High visibility during the day
  • High visibility at night with the reflective feature
  • Structural integrity and design shape give it the ability to quickly rebound to it to the original position upon impact
  • Resistant to temperature and weather extremes
  • Easy and quick installation
  • 100% poly-urethane construction provides superior flexibility with long-lasting durability
traffic delineator post advantages
base delineator post
traffic delineator post reflective options